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here's what everyone who comes to this site is usually interested in, my pride and joy: a 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air III, of course with the 6.6L 400CID V8 and 4-speed Muncie transmission.

Update (2003-11-09): I've needed to put up these recent pictures of the car for a long time now. If you're interested, the old ones are still at the bottom of this page.

Exact details on what has been done to this car are slightly sketchy, as sometime in the mid-80's the previous owner had it worked on by HO Racing Specialties of Riverside, CA (they've since been bought out by Malibu Enterprises). As near as we can tell, currently it has 10:1 compression, a 0.500'/0.504' cam with 308°/320° duration, a 3.73 rear end, and other goodies.

Currently the engine is being rebuilt, so I have some further specs and power/torque output estimates for the motor, both before and after the rebuild. After the specs that we could figure out were run through Dyno2000, the result was the power and torque shown here. Note how the relatively low performance at low RPM, mostly due to the use of a camshaft with so much duration.

Using the specs for the new cam, lower compression, etc, we can see much more desired results for a daily driver. Notice the huge increase in low end torque? How about the increase in power in the whole range as well? Things are looking better, but keep in mind that the old numbers may not be 100% accurate, aside from the standard 10-15% that these results may be off by. After all, it's not like the engine was actually bolted to a dyno.

What's that? You say you're using a crappy browser that doesn't support PNG images? Well, have no fear.. JPEGs provided for: old specs, old results, new specs, and new results.

Update (2002-11-17): We got the motor in very recently after a long line of delays. None of the accessories are in yet, but that won't take much time. I was playing with video-in recently, so I have a 10.6MB MPEG video of the the car (with updated rims) and the motor (pre-installation).

Old images: Front left, front right, driver's side interior, passenger side interior, and the motor. All of these images are from the dealership, about a week before it was purchased.

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